While everybody was celebrating Kingsday (Dutch Bank holiday), I was getting ready to drive up to the South. It is always a dread for me, knowing i have to say goodbye to my hubby and three kids for a couple of days (Mommy-Life and The struggle is real) but i was also very excited to go to our first Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Me, Joey (Camera-man and Editor in Chief) and Brendan (Audio) agreed to meet up around 23:00 hrs. at Joey's office. We checked if all our camera,- and audio gear was complete and everything was working. Around 00:00hrs we packed everything in the car and we did another final check. We couldn't forget anything, otherwise it could turn into a disaster, everything has to be perfect!

Yes, we were ready!!! From where Joey his office is, the border from Holland to Germany is not that far. So when we crossed the border we got so excited. But shortly after that we became less enthusiastic when we got lost after just one and a half hour (I was driving) and the car navigation system was telling us that we still had 653 km to go. But that didn't killed our good spirit. We talked and laughed a lot and had some couple of stops at some gasstations to have some snacks, LOTS OF COFFEE and to stretch our leggs after sitting so long in the car. Around 07:00 hrs we finally saw "MUNCHEN" on the roadsigns. I was so relieved because i was getting so tired and exhausted as i was driving the whole night. Right before entering Munich, something happened that we all were very flabbergasted by. It was starting to snow. In Holland we were already enjoying the early spring season this year and we realized that we were not really prepared for this kind of weather. I remember Joey joking that he almost bring his flipflops. Finally we drove into Munich and we were all enjoying our view as it is such a beautifull city, but the traffic there is TERRIBLE. There are so many stoplights and the whole time i kept thinking by myself that if my hubby was with me and he was driving that he would already be cursing people the hell out already. But luckily THAT wasn't the case. Finally we found the hotel. We were all so happy and relieved we got there safe and sound.We were very excited as we knew we were in the same hotel as some of the Great Martial Arts Legends and celebrities. I'm normally not that star-strucked but this time i kinda was. I think we all were. We were going to meet The Dr. Robert Goldman and The Queen of the Martial Arts movies Cynthia Rothrock and many more... It was a great hotel, the rooms were great and the services too. It was 08:30 hrs. so we were on time for some breakfast. After that we got some rest and some sleep. Around 14:00 hrs. we were heading up to our first film-location of the day and so it began...LIGHTS, CAMERA AND ACTION!!!


- By Ampy Negapatan (AMPD - Creative Director)

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