Hi there! My name is Ampy Negapatan. I am the Creative Director and Founder of AMPD MAGAZINE. AMPD comes from the word AMPED, meaning EXCITING, as I am a woman who always increasing skills multiplies, who always stand positive in life and  very amped up for new things. It also refers to my first name, as my friends and family gave me my nickname as Amps.  I am a wife and mother of three beautifull kids, two sons and a daughter. I was born in Manila Philippines and has been living and growing up almost whole my life in The Netherlands. Growing up with Kung-Fu & Rocky movies and having a big brother who is a true Martial Artist. He also runs a Martial Arts School here in The Netherlands. I practised Kung-Fu for many years in my younger years. I have been always connected to the Martial Arts.  I met the love of my Life, who is the father of my beautifull children, who was in that time a professional Kickboxer and Boxer. In 2008 i started my own business. An Entertainment Agency where i am the CEO & Managing Director. My agency is specialized in Show-Entertainment at ring sports events. While working and expanding my network in this culture, i really felt that this was the world i wanted to be in. I'm obsessed of the sports mentality in generally and the dedication and goals all these Top athletes  have. I am not a World Champion, Top athlete, Grandmaster or a Blackbelt owner, but I figured out that you dont need to be one to be living and Achieving your Goals and Dreams in life like they do, Because i believe the real definition of Martial Arts,  is the way you live your life. You get to chose how succesfull you want to be in your life, whether it's in sports, your daily job or what passion you have. I want to give my children these norms and values in their life so they can be succesfull in whatever they want to do and to get to grow up to be strong self-confident human beings and always to be focused on the key-essentials in life, FAMILYRESPECT, HONOR AND DEDICATION. So many different kind of Martial Arts in varying degrees from all over the World. I just  would like to show the World The beauty of the Martial Arts culture through my perceptions. I hope you all enjoy our videos....


With Love Yours Truly,


Ampy Negapatan